We Work with you.

Our network of designers and 3D CAD Specialists are capable of working with you at any stage of the product design development process. We have talented, innovative designers that can help launch your vision to the next level. Our design thinking process and technical systems allow us to provide a quick turnaround on 3D CAD Renderings.

Our team draws on disciplines as diverse as marketing, prototyping, and manufacturing and product sourcing.


Product Development   Engineering
    -] Material Consultation
    -] Manufacturing Consultation
    -] Structural Analysis Consult
    -] Injection Mold Design
Product Design   -] Vacuum Form Design
    -] Extrusion Design
2D CADD   -] Tool Design
-] File Conversion
-] Technical Drawings   Sourcing
    -] Foriegn Sourcing
3D CADD   -] Domestic Sourcing
-] Model Creation   -] Prototypes & Small runs
-] 3D Renderings    
-] Model Making